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Discover our meticulously crafted Sand/Soil Mix, expertly combining screened topsoil and top-dress sand in a precise ratio of 70% sand to 30% topsoil. This specialized blend is designed to offer superior benefits for your landscaping needs, particularly in levelling lawns and preparing a sturdy base for turf grass installation.
The high proportion of topdress sand ensures excellent drainage capabilities, preventing waterlogging and promoting healthy root growth for your turf. Meanwhile, the addition of topsoil enriches the mix with essential nutrients and organic matter, fostering a fertile environment conducive to vibrant plant development.
Our Sand/Soil Mix is the ideal choice for achieving a smooth and even surface, whether you are renovating an existing lawn or starting anew. It provides the necessary stability and nutrient support to ensure your turf thrives beautifully throughout the seasons. Enhance your landscaping projects with our premium Sand/Soil Mix and enjoy the benefits of a healthy, lush lawn that enhances your outdoor living space.

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